Show Me the

Bernie Moreno

What’s really under the hood of Bernie Moreno’s sales pitch?

A Manufactured

Moreno called Donald Trump a “lunatic invading the party” and claimed he couldn’t “support a party led by that maniac.”1

Moreno said listening to Trump was “like watching a car accident that makes you sick, but you can’t stop looking”2 and even compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, claiming “he appeals to the darkest part of human nature.”3

Moreno then conveniently switches tune when he enters the 2022 Senate race and says, “I would be honored to have Donald Trump’s endorsement.”4

Immigration Views
Changed Regularly

Moreno wanted undocumented immigrants to become citizens, saying there “should be a pathway to residency for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States.”5

Moreno also worked with a leftist organization backed by Democrat Michael Bloomberg to fight President Trump’s efforts to end DACA.6

Then when it came time to run for Senate, Moreno flips his position on immigration, declaring himself “a hundred percent on the side of Donald Trump, he’s a hundred percent right on immigration.”7

Original Liberal Parts Don’t Fit

Moreno registered to vote as a Democrat in 2008 and voted in the primary election between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.8

Moreno then contributed thousands of dollars to John Kasich’s Presidential run, helped raise more than $1 million for Marco Rubio, but supported the Democratic candidate for Ohio treasurer in 2018.9,4

In addition to flipping on immigration in 2021, Moreno deleted tweets that told conservatives to accept the 2020 election results—then aired an ad that declared “President Trump says the election was stolen, and he’s right.” 9,10

Moreno was on the board of the Cleveland Foundation for six years, overseeing millions in dollars of grants for leftwing woke organizations, smearing conservatives as “racists”.11 They gave $2 million to pro-abortion groups12, over $75,000 to anti-Israel organizations13, and $1 million to groups advocating puberty blockers for children.14

Moreno doesn’t care about our rights. He’s ready to take away our freedom to bear arms and has been insulting gun owners for years. “What gun do you need to have 100 bullets in it?”15,16 That’s not for you to decide, Moreno. He wants to leave us defenseless and strip us of our God-given right to protect ourselves.

Wealthy, Elitist, Insider Past

Moreno said his father “was equivalent of what would be the Secretary of Health,” and added, “I mean, we had multiple homes in Colombia … we had farms and people, you have staff.”1

Then, Moreno changed his story to one about “coming here with nothing” and compared it to Cuban refugees fleeing an oppressive socialist regime who “had a government that was imprisoning us for our beliefs, that was taking away our businesses, taking away our rights.”2

Because of his lies, Moreno is labeled “the second coming of George Santos, the New York Republican congressman famously caught in a series of brazen lies about his resume and past.”3

Moreno’s assets are worth up to $105 million and real estate worth up to $24.7 million, including property holdings in Costa Rica worth up to $5 million, as well as a stake in a home in the Florida Keys worth up to $10.75 million.4

What’s really under the hood of Bernie Moreno’s sales pitch?

A manufactured Never-Trumper. Original liberal parts. Wealthy, insider past.

Don’t buy what Lying Liberal Bernie Moreno is selling.